Be in Control, Drive an Audi with Quattro All-Wheel Drive

December 15th, 2014 by

Let’s discuss what we’ve just seen, shall we? Touting the Audi S3 with the automaker’s legendary Quattro all-wheel drive technology, an older Bode Miller accredits the model and its underpinnings with the ability to keep him under control, at least on the roads.

You see, the aforementioned alpine skier is known for being rebellious. However, when behind the wheel of a new Audi with Quattro all-wheel drive technology, Miller is in control – even when hugging the turns of snow-covered roads.

If you’d like to experience that same kind of control, then we invite you to stop by and visit with our team at Fletcher Jones Southern California. During your time with our Audi professionals, we’re happy to explain the inner workings of the Quattro all-wheel drive platform, arrange a test drive, and answer the questions that you might have.